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Alfred Angelo Alternatives for Houston Brides

It’s wedding season in Houston, TX and, as if it wasn’t crazy enough, we just lost one of the biggest wedding dress vendors in America: Alfred Angelo!  They operated more than 60 Alfred Angelo Bridal Signature Stores in the United States.  It appears as if the company has filed for bankruptcy  and closed all of their stores nationwide, leaving many brides without their dress just weeks before their wedding!  

Some Houston brides were able to pick up their dress, but they will have to find someone else to make the alterations. But for brides who made a deposit on a dress, there’s no guarantee they’ll get their money back.

As a company who strives to treat all of our clients with integrity, we wanted to provide some local options for brides who are still looking for a dress.

Now & Forever Bridal Boutique


(713) 218-0369

Jane Bridal


(281) 466-2902

Sweet Romance Bridal Boutique


(281) 416-5981



(832) 767-0407

Misora Bridal Boutique  


(713) 777-5499

Whittington Bridal


(832) 644-5655

Fiancee Bridal Boutique


(832) 823-4280

Lovely Bride Houston


(713) 485-0158

In light of this debacle, Reverent Wedding Films is taking a firm position for honesty and customer service.  Our motto is “Excellence with Integrity” and we strive to be open and honest with all of our brides!  Feel free to visit our homepage!

Top Photographers in Houston for 2016

Finding a photographer to capture your wedding is perhaps the most daunting task. At least with videographers, you have a smaller list to go through and it’s a lot easier to separate the good from the bad. But with photographers, everyone and their mother are considering themselves “professional” photographers. But is that really true? Can you ACTUALLY trust them to not only capture your day but do it just like you saw on Pinterest? The list gets incredibly small as you start crossing names off the list of people you trust to do a good job. So what we’ve done is take all the photographers we work with every weekend and narrow it down to just a few that we can honestly recommend without hesitation. Hopefully this helps you as you make your final decisions and don’t forget to book your wedding videographer too!

#1. Daniel Colvin Photography

Daniel takes great joy in helping couples to see what they feel. Being able to capture the excitement of an engaged couple, the beauty of a bride, and the emotion of a wedding day is a complete blast for him. It’s his goal to catch feeling and life in his clients’ images while creating uniquely personal art that they can enjoy for years to come.

Booking with Daniel was hands down the easiest and BEST decision we made during this whole wedding process. I am a bride on a budget, and he worked with that budget with no questions, went into my chaotic timeline like a champ and had a blast with us! So with that said, I’d first like to say he is so FUN to work with! He makes you feel relaxed, helps you with poses without you looking incredibly cheesy or awkward, he manages to capture who YOU really are! (My husband, bridesmaids and groomsmen LOVED him) He’s a story teller. When we got our pictures back, I am not kidding when I said my jaw dropped and was flooded with every good emotion. Every time we look back at the photos, it feels like were reliving the day all over again! THANK YOU for creating memories that will last a lifetime. We are so grateful for all you did for us!
Melissa D.

#2. Chase Pedigo Photography

We’ve had the opportunity to work with Chase on numerous occasions and not only is he dedicated to excellence but he is a true craftsman and able to manage a wedding day well while still producing the highest quality you could ever dream of for your wedding day!

Thank you for being such a wonderful photographer and for capturing all of our moments from our wedding day! We really appreciate everything you did to help make it all happen!
Hannah & Peter

#3. Kelli Durham Photography

The most important thing about choosing a photographer is that you enjoy who you’re working with. There can’t be anything more awkward and personal than a photo shoot. So what Kelli does is she makes it a fun and absolutely enjoyable experience. Her passion for her craft and love for weddings puts her top on our list because you can always trust her to be focussed on capturing your day the best way possible!

Kelli is BEYOND amazing to work with. She has a real gift for capturing the magic in every moment and making you look and feel beautiful the entire time! From our engagement photos to our wedding day, we could not have asked for a better photographer or friend. We are so thankful to have her in our lives and such gorgeous pictures to look back upon!
Allison Schaffer

Best Wedding Venues in Houston Area

It’s hard to believe how many wedding venues have popped up all over Texas as more and more people realize how much of a demand there is! But one thing is for sure, out of the thousands across the state, there are only a few venues that are actually worth getting married in. So what we have done is compiled a list of the top places that we would recommend for you as you look for a venue in the greater Houston area. We factored a few things into our decisions. We wanted to make sure that they were run by good people who really were in business to make sure their clients were happy and aren’t afraid to go above and beyond. We also needed to make sure that they were actually beautiful and had all the useful features like bridal suites, adequate parking, good location, etc. So here is the list! Hope it helps!

#1. “Hughes Manor”

Hughes Manor is a timeless engagement of modern luxury and industrial-chic decor, Hughes Manor encompasses romance in a city rich with history and grandeur. Located centrally in the Washington Heights District. Not only is it a beautiful location but the management is absolutely incredible and that alone makes it #1 in our books! www.hughesmanor.com

#2. “Lindsay Lakes”

Lindsay Lakes is one of Houston’s best kept secrets. Located just minutes away from the city in the beautiful Cypress area, we offer a luxurious venue for your spectacular event. The picturesque grounds are a beautiful setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions, galas, private parties, corporate events and much more! Whether you are searching for the serenity of the outdoors by the lake or an elegantly lit chapel or lodge, you’ve found it at Lindsay Lakes. www.lindsaylakes.com

#3. “The Bell Tower”

“It’s like something straight out of a movie set, a spectacular ‘One of a Kind’ Destination Style event venue strategically located in the heart of Houston. This venue is perhaps one of the most beautiful in all of Houston and if you want to have your wedding look like something out of a fairy tale, this is the place! www.thebelltoweron34th.com

#4. “The Farmhouse”

The Farmhouse is a brand new venue that will be completed in November 2016 and is located in Montgomery, Texas. We haven’t had a chance to film there yet but we are really excited since their management is incredible and their ceremony and reception locations are shockingly gorgeous! Check out their website and availability at www.thefarmhouseevents.com

#5. “Tuscan Courtyard”

ig or small, Tuscan Courtyard has the space you’ll need to host your event. We offer two indoor facilities, The Manor and The Ballroom, as well as two outdoor ceremony sites, The Patio and The Courtyard. All around, you will find the simple beauty of nature, waterfalls, and Tuscan accents and architectural features that truly captures the essence of rustic elegance. At Tuscan Courtyard, the spirit of Tuscany is brought to this small Texan town. Check out their website and schedule a tour at www.tuscancourtyard.com

How Much Does a Wedding Video Cost?

When it comes to finding vendors for your wedding, it is perhaps one of the most stressful parts of planning. Will they be on time? Will they do a good job? Will the food suck? So when it comes to finding the right wedding videographer, there is always a good solution but you have to know what you want and know what to expect from what you can afford.

Simply put: you get what you pay for. I’m writing this article to help any brides-to-be who may agonizing over the budget, what to cut, what to spend… So I’ve organized this into three different ranges of skill and cost; You have “The Entry Level/Friend”, “The Pro” and the “The Artist.” A videographer in any of these three categories may be right for you, depending upon what you are looking for and what your wedding budget can handle. The price range fluctuates according to experience, skill level and the market area. Keep in mind that the estimated investments listed below are generalized for the south in the Texas area and may differ in other market areas. So let’s take a look at what is out there and give you a clear direction in your search for the best wedding videographer for you.

The Hobbyist or Entry Level Videographer
(Packages starting at $200 – $800)
These entry level videographers have often been dubbed the “weekend warriors.” These are individuals who either have another full time job or are just starting out. They started out filming a friend’s wedding, had fun and decided that they want to make some extra money on the side. Everyone has to start somewhere and most videographers started at this level.

RISK: Every videographer learns valuable lessons of “what not to do” simply through shooting more and more weddings. If you choose to go with this level of videographer you do run the risk that they will learn just such a lesson on your wedding. They are also more likely to use entry level equipment and there may be a long waiting period before you receive your completed wedding video.

REWARD: The most obvious reward is the lower price point, as shown above this reward brings greater risks. The other reward is that if you are lucky enough to find a new videographer (making their way up from entry level to professional) then they are going to be passionate about your wedding. They have something to prove and need to get their name out there so they may be willing to do more for you at a lower price point then the recognized professional. (note: this up and coming videographer will likely be younger and have only been in the market for a few years).

TIP FOR THE BRIDE: If your potential videographer falls in this category make sure you have a clear and concise contract which outlines exactly what you are getting and when you will be getting it. You are risking quality of product and service, but you might just find the perfect match for your needs and budget. Remember, if the videographer could be charging more, they would. There is a reason they are a “good deal.”

The Pro
(Packages starting at $1,000 – $2,500)
These videographers have moved past the hobbyist level and are now making a decent living at their craft. They have worked out their “what not to do” lessons on past weddings and are perfecting their craft. They realize that a happy bride is critical to their business remaining successful, therefore they will put the bride first. A professional videographer will also invest their money into getting up-to-date equipment and it will also work in your favor that this level of videographer has also been around enough vendors to know most of the people they are working with. You are not likely to see this videographer in a fist fight with your photographer!

RISK: Your risks are far lower with this level of videographer and as a result, you will pay more. You do run the risk that your videographer will not put the same passion into your wedding as the up-and-coming hobbyist. This risk can quickly be assessed simply by meeting with the videographer face to face.

REWARD: Your videographer will have more experience, better equipment and will put your wedding before everything else. They will create a video that should exceed your expectations. You should feel well taken care of with this level of videographer and most importantly, you will be able to get a faster turnaround on the final video.

TIP FOR THE BRIDE: If you can afford it, hiring a videographer at the professional level is a wise investment. Take some time and watch their samples online, they will likely be a good representation of what you are going to get.

The Artist or Upper Level Videographer
(Packages starting at $2,500 – $7,000)
If you are looking for a world class video, a truly hollywood masterpiece in which you get to play the lead role, then this is the level of videographer for you. These are the videographers that fly all over the world filming and their work truly is amazing.

RISK: You are the canvas for their art. This level of videographer is going to produce amazing work, but might be more concerned about how good the final video is going to look then how your wedding day unfolds. You also run the risk of an artist not “playing nice” with other vendors.

REWARD: You will have an amazing piece of art in which you are the star, your friends and family will be in ‘awe’ of your amazing video.

TIP FOR THE BRIDE: Do your research, if you have this sort of a budget for video then your videographer most likely won’t be local. Follow wedding blogs and find the style of a videographer that you like best and track them down.

PS: Plan on booking them in advance, at the very least, a year before your date.

Lastly, do your research! You will get what you pay for. Be realistic, if you have a budget of $1,000 don’t expect your videographer to produce the same quality as an $8,000 videographer. Find someone that is a good match for your budget and needs.

Also, when you think about hiring a videographer, NEVER go through a massive company that contracts out their work as it will always be sub-par. The most your videographers will get paid is $40 an hour when you are paying the company nearly $2,000. Always go with a smaller company as the videographers will 99% of the time be the ones who actually gain something by doing a good job.

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